Trucker Protest put on Hold

According to the original creator of the Facebook group StopTheTires2020, the upcoming trucker protest will not be happening. Jeremy Rewoldt started the Facebook group one night to allow truckers a place to vent about this year’s election results and what they could mean. After a couple of weeks, there were more than 72,000 followers and not all of them were truckers or honest people. It sort of exploded into its own entity and there are people in the group who are there to just fuel a fire. People who claim they own hundreds of trucks have promised to stop their rigs when in fact they don’t own any. Rewoldt also claimed that he had to shut down some moderators for the false information they were giving out. The first protest, on November 11 didn’t get any traction and the creator of the StopTheTires2020 says a full protest isn’t happening, at least for now.

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