Crashing Into a Semi Truck to Keep Nuclear Materials Safe

The U.S. government has built a new semi truck to transport nuclear weapons and materials. They also ran another semi-truck into it to see if it could keep the nuclear stuff from blowing up. The Mobile Guardian Transporter is the newest in nuclear transport technology and is getting run-through for safety. To demonstrate a ‘worst-case scenario’, they strapped a rocket onto a regular truck and sent it speeding toward the Transporter. This all happened at the Rocket Sled Track at Sandia National Laboratory where it’s a good place to test the high-speeding, blowing-up of any vehicle. To keep the materials safe, the ordinary-looking truck/trailer is outfitted with some pretty serious technology and safety structures. On test day, the rockets fired, trucks collided, and everything worked the way it should have. Click the link below to learn more about this.

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