National Truck Driver Appreciation Week

National Truck Driver Appreciation Week kicked off yesterday and runs through September 19. Let us celebrate the millions of professional truck drivers who keep our nation’s economy going strong. Throughout this pandemic, these are the people who are making sure food is available at your stores and medical supplies are getting to where they are need most. They are the backbone of this country and will always keep on rolling when needed.

So, if you see a truck driver out there thank them for the food on your table, or thank them for making sure your kids have clothes and school supplies. You can even thank them for delivering the television you are watching the football game on. Let’s show them just how important they really are.

All this week, carriers are finding ways of showing appreciation to their truck drivers and are encouraging communities to do the same. There are also truck stops around the country making sure their truckers are taken care of with freebies and specials.

Thank you, to all the men and women truck drivers out there from TruckerAdvisor.

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