Keeping Your Cargo Safe Over Thanksgiving Weekend

The holidays are a merry and festive time of year, but there are bad people out there who want to take advantage of the trucks carrying all the goods. A data set put together by CargoNet shows that the top things stolen during the holidays are food and beverages, electronics, and household goods. Trailers and warehouses are loaded to the max all across the country right now and there are some good tips to know to keep your cargo secure.

  • A second look at paperwork by a supervisor never hurt anyone and keeps transactions on the straight and narrow.
  • Never take a load that seems like a ‘good deal’. More often than not you’re being set up as a thief.
  • Make sure all license plate numbers and any other descriptive information matches each load.
  • Use high-security locking devices to secure your goods.
  • Always treat alarms as real alarms. You never know when it’s the real deal so don’t assume it’s a false alarm.

Click the link below to learn more ways to keep your loads secure and have a safe holiday season.

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