Trucking Through an Area Full of Fires

The air quality in Oregon, due to forest fires, is currently off the charts in some areas and incredibly toxic. For truck drivers, this means closed highways, costly delays, and a lack of fresh air to breathe. With businesses shut down, truckers have nowhere to go with their loads and are trying to find others to assist in getting their cargo where it needs to go.

EPA’s Air Quality Index goes from Zero to 500, and anything over 300 is dangerous. On Tuesday, Portland was rated at 422 and the towns by Salem were at 624. People in the area are told to stay inside but truckers are stuck out there in the open with nowhere to go. Truckers, as usual, just keep going and making sure supplies and goods get to where they are needed, especially during this time of crisis.

Thank you, truck drivers, for your bravery in these uncertain and dangerous times. Click the link below to learn more about this.

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