Driving a Big Rig and Taking Care of Your Mental Health

Being on the road, alone, for long periods of time can be tough on just about any driver, especially when it comes to truck drivers due to their extended time out there. Trucking companies and carriers find it’s important to take care of their drivers and make sure their mental health is addressed. Poor mental health can lead to loss of life, damage to vehicle, or other problems that can be avoided.

There are ways to help decrease stress, stay productive, and keep your mental health. First and foremost, make sure you get adequate sleep. Schedule your shifts and routes so you get seven to nine hours of sleep every night. Eating healthy is another good piece of advice, not just for your mental health but for your overall health as well. Sitting all day isn’t good for anyone, so make sure you move. When you get a chance to do some stretches, take full advantage of it. To learn more ways to preserve your mental health while on the road click the link below.

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