High School Students in Clinton will get to Learn how to Drive Big Rigs

Next school year, Union High School students in Clinton, N.C., will get the chance to learn how to drive a truck and the logistics that come along with it. The Sampson Community College (SCC) and the Sampson County Schools have combined forces and came up with a pilot program for the students. A diploma will be given to enrolled juniors and a certificate will be given to enrolled seniors. The learning process will include logistics, transportation basics, and how to maintain a supply chain.

In North Carolina, 18-year-olds can drive a truck within the state; going from state to state requires drivers to be 21 or older. The combined effort between the college and high school is one that offers many students new and educational opportunities for their futures.

Read the news story here: https://www.clintonnc.com/news/40365/trucking-program-coming-to-union