Electric Truck Placement and Making it Fit

Electric trucks are making their way to our busy roads but making sure they start out where they are needed most and that there is a framework in place is important to know. This is what the North American Council on Freight Efficiency and the Rocky Mountain Institute have put together in their new report

“High-Potential Regions for Electric Truck Deployment” shows a three-part framework for electric truck deployment. You can’t just throw electric trucks into the mix and hope it works, there’s a lot to think about to get them up and running smoothly. The questions asked and analyzed included; Where does the electric technology work? Where is this electric technology needed? and Where is there electric support?

Clicking the link below will bring you to more information including the original study. Turns out, the best places for electric truck deployment right now are California, Washington, Texas, and the states surrounding and including Pennsylvania.

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